Reece is eager to create art out of your wedding, family portrait, headshot, or to bring your film/documentary idea to life with his sense for visual storytelling. Contact him for inquiries 


Born and raised in New York City, Reece Robinson pursues filmmaking and photography in both his professional and personal life, having freelanced for organizations such as The Boston Globe and Fox News while creating fine art landscape and portraiture photography and producing documentary films of his own.

After spending the better part of his childhood making films for pleasure, he found his passion for photography and documentary film: sharing stories through visual art is intensely powerful. This came to fruition during a 4 month visit to Nepal and India where he shot a documentary on border conflict and severe human rights violations stemming from racism-provoked police brutality.

Reece lives in New York where he studies at Skidmore College. When he is not doing freelance photography across New England, he is currently producing a youtube channel based in health and wellness for punk-rock icon and ironman champion John Joseph.