Wedding Photography

Reece Robinson has photographed weddings across the country with his fine-art approach to capturing the momentous occasion. Going beyond typical wedding photographs, Reece tells a story with his images and is grateful to capture and share couples' celebration of love.


Reece is available to shoot weddings in Los Angeles, CA and Martha's Vineyard, MA, as well as other locations on request.

The Service

Reece has sliding scale packages depending on your budget, ranging from $1000 to $3000. All packages include editing and delivery of the hi-res photos on a custom online client gallery and USB drive, as well as 10 complementary 5"x 7" prints. Additional prints available for sale.

The Question

The question Reece asks all of his clients to understand what is important to them,

If you could only have 3 photos of your wedding, what would they be?